We Are Family

In all the stories, whether they are happier or less, there is something magical in its beginning. Some begin from a dream, others from a coincidence, and others even from an adversity, but when they leads us to the path of happiness there is always an implicit nostalgia to the narrative of “how it all began”.

It is almost funny when Carla, one of the company’s CEO, recalls along with Hélder and André (also CEOs) how this big family started. They are the strong pillar that holds us together and aligned to do great things.

Fourteen years ago, they were the ones who drew, produced and assembled the furniture. To the customers, they used to say that they had a big team as background when, in fact, the team was reduced to themselves. They laugh embarrassed when they recall it now. They defended themselves from what they considered to be a small company, when actually they were taking the first steps in this big project called Interdesign. Today, we have 10 stores in Portugal. The family grew from 3 to 348. We started the internationalization in the year 2009 and we continue to be leaders in what we do best, create trends. And on days in which everything seems to have the same colour, we battle incessantly so that Interdesign is always more. More novelty, more efficiency, more quality. More of us and a little bit of you. It is in the smiles and in the realization of dreams that we find our strength.

In a kind of sum up and when approached about the issue of giving a face to Interdesign, we dug the intention of keeping the family together, without representative faces which can lessen the work of the anonymous. We like the result!

This is us. We are Interdesign.